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Can you believe it's already October? Now that the weather is getting chillier I've had to hang up my summer hats (quite literally). I created my hat wall 7 months ago, mainly because I just had too many hats lying around the house. I love wearing hats during the summer months, but they can be awkward to store which is why I think a hat wall is the way to go. 

I've been also thinking about expanding my hat wall for quite some time. It's probably why I didn't publish this post straight away. I have more than 3 hats, but I decided not to place them all on the wall above the TV(for now at least). I didn't want to make this wall feel too crowded, although I'd like to add two more hats to my hat wall. I guess I just need to find the perfect hats to go with it first. There is a big difference between just hanging random hats on your bedroom wall and going for a 'curated' hat wall look. You can add a hat wall anywhere in your house by the way, not just in the bedroom. Having a hat wall in your hall can be both super functional and stylish. And of course creating a stylish hat wall in your home is easy if you just follow few simple steps. 

First up I would start by keeping the colours fairely similar. I love neutrals so that was never going to be an issue for me. Although hat walls are meant to be functional, they should also be considered as a design 'feature' (ie. look good). Hats can also look great as part of gallery walls, although I really wanted to dedicate this section in the bedroom for hats only. Secondly, similar shapes also work well together and will give your hat wall that collected look. There are always exceptions though. If you want to create a colourful hat wall you can obviously get more creative. I think a hat wall should ultimately reflect your personal style. Do you follow trends or like to stick to a more timeless look? 

The whole hanging part is super easy. I don't ever use nails on the walls, unless I absolutely have to. I used the Command clear hooks (size medium) on my hat wall and they have been just perfect. The clear ones are really subtle and they are easy to remove too. The oval hooks are perfect for hanging up most hats, although they may not work with all hat shapes (you'd want to double check this first). I would also advice you to measure the distances first before hanging them up, although they are easily to remove and should not damage the wall if done right. You can always place the hats on a bed or on the floor so you get an idea whether they'll work together or not.

I also like to use hooks to display and store my hand bags. I used the same clear command hook here but I probably prefer these Wooden hooks from Amazon. They need to be screwed into the wall though which is why I haven't used them yet. They do look super stylish though!

I love our new butterfly palm. I really wanted to add a bit of tropical greenery to our bedroom and this is the perfect size. I'm not the best at keeping house plants alive, but since my rubber plant is still going strong one year later, I though I'd risk it. I didn't want a faux plant in the bedroom this time. They never look quite as good and real plants are meant to improve air quality too which is why I decided to go for the real thing. I love it! The cute Pom Pom basket/planter is from Matalan (gifted). 

A word of warning though; if you decide to create a hat wall in your home expect to dust your hats regularly. By regularly I mean probably once every two months or so. They do gather dust, although most of the time this is not very visible (doesn't mean it's not there). When I'm dusting my hats I just bring them outside and give them a good clean with a damp microfiber cloth. Then I leave them in direct sunlight for few hours so that they get a good airing.

Are you a fan of hat walls?

*This post contains gifted products. 

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