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If you're a frequent visitor here, you probably know how much I adore flowers. I buy them as part of our weekly grocery shop and it's one luxury I honestly don't know I could live without. I spend so much time at home as I'm a freelancer and also a mum of two. Flowers really do brighten up my day and our home and I firmly believe they affect my mood as well. If everything is looking clean, organised and pretty I feel so much more inspired and relaxed. Super market flowers can cost as little as £3, so it really is a luxury that we can all afford; especially if you get a bit creative with the flowers.

I own quite a few vases already but I'm always on the look out for new ones. I like to change my flower arrangements quite frequently and use seasonal flowers whenever possible. I also did a little floristry course a while ago which definitely made me feel more confident when making my own flower arrangements at home. It's so much fun and really not that hard once you've done it a few times. That's also why I was so thrilled when British Design Studio, Block Design, wanted me to style their new reversible glass vases for my blog. These unique vessels look very different from all the other vases I have and I also love that you have so many beautiful colours to choose from (blue, grey, green and pink).

You may be wondering what exactly is a reversible vase. It's basically two vases in one. You can use the glass cylinder vase one way for a full arrangement or flip it around to create a single stem bud vase. It's such a clever little invention because this means that once your flowers start to wilt, you can just flip the vase and place the remaining ones inside the single bud vase. Fresh flowers can last up to two weeks in fresh water but I've noticed some flowers last much longer than others. This is when the reversible vase comes in super handy and it looks pretty striking too if I may say.

I love grouping these vases together for maximum impact. The vase is also available in green, but I thought pink, grey and blue would suit our dining room decor best. I love the minimalist design and that they're made of borosilicate laboratory glass. The clean geometric lines look amazing with natural flowers and individual branches. You could keep it simple with just one or two stems or add a bit of colour to your flower arrangement like I did. Our dining room table is quite big so I wanted the flower centerpiece to feel quite substantial too. These vases are just as beautiful and versatile on their own as they are grouped together.  

You can get really creative with the vases and use almost all type of flowers with them. If you want to pair three different coloured vases together (like I did), I wouldn't go too crazy with the flowers. Simplicity is your best bet.  Make sure you mix thing up a little but to also include similar colours and/or foliage in each individual vase. Start with the biggest stem first criss-crossing the stems leaving the smallest last. If it doesn't look quite like you had planned, start again until you're happy with your arrangement. There is no right or wrong with creative flower arrangements like these - just go with whatever looks good to you. I wasn't actually planning to use as may stems as I did in the end, but I got a little carried away. I don't think it's too much though. Our monochrome living room definitely needed a bit of colour.

So, what do you think of the dual-purpose concept? I think they look so unique compared to other vases out there and they also make stunning geometric objects on their own. I also cannot decide which one is my favourite colour. I knew I'd love the grey but the blue has become my new favourite I think. Which colour would you go for?

*This is a collaborative post with Block Design.


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