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You probably know how much I love a stylish bathroom. We renovated our downstairs bathroom last year and although the process was pretty stressful at times, I couldn't be happier with our new modern bathroom. I truly believe it has made a big difference to our lives. I hated our old bathroom. It was functional but you could tell is was at least 15 years old. It wasn't to my taste either which really made me want to do something about it.

I absolutely love my long baths these days and I'm pretty sure my children and husband would say the same. Bathrooms are so much more than 'just' bathrooms nowadays. They are like little home spas where you can recover and relax after a long day. Creating your dream bathroom doesn't have to be that expensive either. It's always worth shopping around for appliances and investing in those items that matter to you most. It could be a power shower, extra large bath or under floor heating. Splash out on one or two statement pieces that will make your bathroom feel luxurious and stand out from the crowd.

I had a little browse on the Bathroom Luxuries brand new website and I was very impressed by their product offering. They do know how to make a bathroom feel and look luxurious. The best part is that everything is pretty affordable too. Shower enclosures start from £199 which is very competitive compared to many high street retailers. If you like contemporary luxury like me, you'll love their Hansgrohe range. If you're a traditionalist you've got nothing to worry about. The British Ashton & Bentley collection will offer you both contemporary and classic bathroom solutions.

My top tips for creating a luxurious bathroom

1. Pick one main colour

Picking the right colour scheme for your bathroom is crucial. Lighter colours tend to work better in smaller rooms (like bathrooms), although you could always go dark if the space allows it. Deep rich colours will give it a more luxurious feel and  make it feel extra cosy. Don't forget to mix it up with some complementing colours and patterns as well.

2. Don't forget accent colours/accessories

If you're going for a neutral colour scheme, don't forget to add some accent colours for a nice contrast. Although chrome is always a fashionable choice in bathroom design, don't be afraid to pick other accent colours too. Matt black and gold taps and shower heads have become really popular in the last 5 years. I love this Black Matt Shower Mixer.  If you live in a hard water area like me, don't forget to install a water softener first, so your appliances last longer and look pristine.

3. Mix different tile styles

Try mixing different tile styles together for a more eclectic look. Pick one main (tile) colour first and then find one or two complementing colours or patterns. Hexacon tiles look great around the bath walls or the basin. The entire purpose of this is to break up the pattern a bit and bring more interest and depth to the space.

4. Make sure you have enough storage

I don't think you can ever have enough storage in a bathroom. Although I try to be strict with how many products we store in ours, with children in the house it's just impossible to keep the clutter away. Cleverly positioned shelving units and trays will help a lot. If you have any extra space left add some rattan baskets and a laundry basket to the mix too.

5. Don't forget lighting

Make sure that lighting is well positioned and useful. Cabinet lighting is wonderful when applying make-up or shaving. Avoid lighting that is too harsh. In stead, install some dimmer switches that will help you to create a relaxing ambiance during bath time.

6. Go for space saving appliances

If you're a minimalist like me, you'll love a wall hung toilet and wall hung furniture. They make the space look less cluttered and fashionable. They can be space saving too, although you need to allow extra space for the concealed cistern when it comes to toilets. They are relatively easy to install but I would always hire a professional for the job. Also, don't forget to measure absolutely everything before buying any appliances or furniture.

7. Consider installing digital controls

Digital showers are the latest trend in the shower industry. Not only do they make the whole user experience easy and hassle free, they look good too. Digital showers give you more control over the flow and temperature (they take the hot and cold water separately mixing it to perfect temperature) at a simple touch of a button. Having a shower has never been easier and more fun. You could also add some massage jets and body showers to your shower experience.  If that's not real luxury, I don't know what is!

If you have any bathroom tips, feel free to leave a comment below.

* Thank you Bathroom Luxuries for sponsoring this post.
* All images credited: Bathroom Luxuries

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