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I have some great news! I've finally decided what kind of dining room table I want (check out my Top 5 Dining Room Table post here!) I've been struggling to decide between marble (effect) and wood for quite some time. Our current dining table is glass and I really wanted something different this time. I'll share more details of our new dining table soon but right now I have to decide what kind of chairs I'm going to pair with it.

I do find picking the chairs a lot easier than choosing the right table. I now know the look I'm going for which means my chair options are a bit limited too. I also need to decide whether I want to keep it all matchy-matchy or go for a more interesting mix & match look. I guess we all know which one I'm going to go for, right? I also need to take into account the measurements of our new table (I haven't got it yet) and make sure that it can accommodate 8 chairs comfortably.

So, here are my top 5 dining chairs (in no particular order..)

Image credit: Cox & Cox

Rattan has been one of my favourite materials for furniture for quite some time now. I see more and more rattan indoors too (although it's also a very durable choice for outdoor furniture) which is why this rattan chair from Cox & Cox caught my eye. I wouldn't say that rattan is ultra comfortable. It's more comfy than wood though and you could always add an extra cushion for additional padding. This design is inspired by a 1950s classic and somehow it still manages to look contemporary and current. So if you love rattan and are worried that it will go out of fashion, you've got nothing to worry about. These rattan chairs look stunning with a light wooden dining table, don't you think? It's the perfect combo if you love a mix of Scandi and coastal décor.


Image credit: Cult Furniture

This padded velvet chair is the opposite of uncomfortable. I visited the Cult Furniture showroom in Clapham last week and it was probably the most comfortable dining chair I've ever sat on. The velvet feels so nice and the padding on the seat is pretty generous. It comes in multiple colours too, so you can pick your favourite (or mix and match). If you want to make a real statement mix different colours together for a more unique look. I promised myself I won't buy black dining room chairs again but I may just end up doing that. Black is so practical with children and since our youngest is only 3 yo there will be food on the chairs, table etc. So, I guess if you have children and you want a velvet dining chair, darker colours are your best bet. Light colours will show everything and personally I just don't have the time and energy to try to maintain them looking pristine.


Image credit: Wayfair

These velvet chairs from Wayfair are very similar to the Uxbridge chair but slightly more narrow (47 cm) which means they are a great choice if you've got a smaller table (4-6 seater) or less room in general. The wooden legs look very contemporary and add a bit of Scandi chic to this design. The velvet makes the chair super luxurious and comfortable. I would pair these chairs with a light wooden table to keep the look consistent. These chairs are also pretty amazing value since you get 2 for £132.99 (they are available in pink, grey and blue too).

Image credit: Cult Furniture

Now if you're an interiors lover like me, you probably know that that the Wishbone Chair is the 'IT' chair of the moment. This timeless Danish design has been in production since the 1950s (designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949) and I am literally seeing it everywhere at the moment. The original retails around at £443 (Skandium) and you can find replicas for much less online. Replicas won't be as durable though. The original CH24 Wishbone chair is hand made and the delivery can take up to 8-10 weeks. I saw a very good replica version in Cult Furniture but it wasn't comfortable when leaning back. I also found the woven seat very impractical with small children (and the strings do come loose over time). You could always buy this chair with an upholstered leather seat if comfort is a big concern. Sheepskin rugs/cushions are also a great way to make the chair more comfortable. Like I said, some people will find this chair fine, where as others will find it not comfortable at all. It's a beautiful chair but I wouldn't buy it without seeing it first. 


Image credit: Rose and Grey

Now I love the look of wire chairs but I do wonder how comfortable they actually are to sit on. Luckily Rose and Grey had though of this when they designed the Brass wire chair that comes with a green velvet comfort kit. The chair is made of brass wire and the top fastens onto the bottom frame with brass screws (it requires some self assembly). On the website it's described as an office chair but there is no reason why you can't use it as a dining room chair too. I would use these chairs as accent chairs at the top of table only and use smaller wire chairs in the middle. Mixing and matching different dining chairs together will create a unique space and it can turn out much cheaper too (especially if you like buying vintage furniture). I should warn you though, it's quite hard to successfully mix and match different chairs (in my experience anyway). It's not as simple as just picking the chairs you like. A rustic vintage table can look stunning with some contemporary chairs, but I wouldn't mix and match the chairs too much in this scenario. Don't forget about the rest of your dining room either. If you have a lot of clutter, a mix & matched look might make it look even busier. Head over here for tips how to mix and match chairs successfully.

I hope you found this post useful. If you have any advice or tips, please feel free to share them by leaving a comment below. 


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