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Since it's only few weeks until Christmas, I thought I'll share some of my favourite Christmas products and decorations with you. This may not come as a surprise, but my favourite colour this Christmas is white (with the occasional gold detailing). Of course we have other colours dotted around the house too, but I'm loving white decorations at the moment; nut crackers, baubles, candles, you name it.

Our lounge is my favourite room in the house, so it always gets decorated first. The window sill is definitely the focal point of the room and I love reshuffling accessories there. I probably update the window sill every few months or so. I try to mix candles, ornaments and photos together for a more personal look.

The Curve candle from Maiden looks like a real statement piece, right? I was introduced to this candle brand recently and these aren't just ordinary candles. Their signature curve candles are very stylish and quite unusual the way they burn. I really like the design, so I've been saving my candle and haven't fully burnt it yet. The burn time for each curve candle is app. 9 hours and after that you are left with a beautiful abstract feature. I'll post a picture on Insta stories once I've finished burning this candle, so make sure you follow me on Instagram! All I can say is that it does look absolutely beautiful when it's lit. All the candles are hand made in Dorset and they produce a lovely scent (in this case of Seville Orange).
They have some very pretty gift sets available too if your looking for gift ideas.

I have been obsessed with nut crackers for a while and they are bigger than ever at the moment. I bought my white nut cracker last year but you could buy a similar one on Amazon. House of Fraser also sell some cute mini nut crackers. My mini trees are from a local garden shop but I love this set of 2 from Cox & Cox. One of my favourite candle brands this year has been Sand & Fog and I Iove their White pine scent that you may still find in your local TK Maxx. It's not a strong pine scent though, or particularly Christmassy, but I still love it. It's a lovely winter candle with a subtle sweet scent to it and they always have the most stylish packaging too.

I have quite a few wine buckets but I've never had one made out of ice. Such a cool idea, right? I love the look of the Nice Ice Cooler and I was curious to test it out. It was so easy to use that I threw away the instructions after the first use. You fill it with water and then put it in the freezer for 24 hours. Once it's fully frozen you take it out, leave it on the kitchen counter for about 5 minutes and pour some warm water in the middle and your ice bucket is ready to use. You could get more creative with it too. Mix some berries or fruit with your ice for a more personalised ice bucket or use it as a lantern. I quite like the plain icy look but either way it's such a cool gift or ideal for entertaining (it lasts app. 5-6 hours so it's perfect for dinner parties). have lots of funky Christmas gift ideas, especially if you're trying to find something a bit more unusual or even funny for secret Santa at work. 

My wooden tray from Vincent Trading is perfect for entertaining and when I'm not using it I just place it on top of our nest of tables. I have quite a few Christmas candles too and one of my most recent discoveries was the Winter candle from Mamws interiors. It's such a gorgeous Christmas scent (think of Christmas spices) and obviously I love the gold packaging too.

Oh and our personalised Christmas cards arrived this week from Papier. I used Papier last year for the first time and loved our cards so much that I decided to order very similar ones from them again this year. The design is so elegant and beautiful and if you order your cards before 18th of December (like I did) you can get 15% off with code DECKTHEHALLS.

* Some of the products in this post have been gifted to me.


Nice Ice Cooler (gifted)

Winter candle from Mamws Interiors (gifted)

Mini nutcrackers (similar)

Mini trees (similar)

Christmas cracker from Sainsbury's (in store only)

Wooden Tray (gifted)


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