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Despite having lived half of my life away from Finland, Nordic design is a big part of my heritage. I started collecting Arabia cups when I was only 13 years old (many Finns do that!) and I've always felt extremely proud and supportive of Nordic and especially Finnish design. I guess that's why I couldn't be happier that Nordic design brands are so hot right now. It feels like Nordic/Scandi interiors have taken over the interiors scene here in the UK for quite some time and I really don't see this trend slowing down anytime soon. Just google Scandi maximalism and you'll understand why.

But, Nordic design is not really about trends. It's about carefully selected, crafted and ethically made design brands that last a lifetime. That's also why I (literally) jumped at the opportunity to work with a new Nordic lighting brand Quu Design. From the moment I was introduced to these lamps, I was hooked. I'm not going to lie, the fact that they are made in Finland is pretty cool too. There is something very magical about these lighting pendants. Maybe it's to do with the contrast of sustainably sourced wood and fine glass, I don't know, but they just ooze elegance and simplicity in a very understated way.

Quu Design was established in 2014 by Heli Mäkiranta, a very talented interior and lighting designer. Heli is an interior designer and she stumbled across these lights almost by accident. She had an opportunity to design her very own lamp for a client and that's how she came up with the design and concept for Quu lamps. Her unique lamp designs have really taken off since then and she has been featured in many international magazines such as Vogue, House and Garden, Home Etc and many more. She was also incredibly kind to send me one of her Quu Group S pendants to be installed in our home in exchange for an honest review on the blog.  

Picking my favourite Quu lamp was a tough call (they are all so pretty!). It didn't help that you can also customise your Quu lamp; you can pick almost any design and colour combination you like. As much as I love the white pendants, I knew that the black lamp was going to stand out more in our monochrome kitchen. Since the lamps are handmade, international deliveries can take a bit longer (4-8 weeks) but oh boy was it worth the wait. My Quu lighting looked amazing when it arrived. The quality is superb (just what I would expect from a Finnish brand) and I'm so glad I went for the ash wood combination. Also, the hand blown glass balls (made of recycled glass) are just stunning. I absolutely love the contrast of wood and glass in this design.

I had an electrician to install the lamp and I would recommend you do the same. You need a few hooks to install it, since it can be a little heavy, so please don't attempt to do it yourself unless you're an experienced electrician. The wire is 1.5 meters long which means it's ideal for high ceilings. Unfortunately our 1930s house doesn't have very high ceilings, but luckily Heli had thought of everything when she designed the lamp. You can hide the extra wire in the ceiling rose which is such a genius idea (especially if you ever decide to move it to another room). 

I love metallic accents, so I decided to pair this lamp with these glamorous metallic light bulbs (their colour temperature is pretty warm so I would only really use them with additional lighting on). White or see through bulbs will go with it just as well. It really depends on the style you're going for. I've always felt our small(ish) kitchen was lacking any real wow factor but now thanks to our new lighting that's certainly not the case anymore. My new Quu lamp isn't 'just' a lamp. It's a feature. A feature that doesn't go unnoticed. I keep admiring it every time I walk past our kitchen and even my husband has commented on it (which never happens). I can't quite decide if I like it better with the  lights on or off. I guess thanks to my decorative bulbs it looks very stylish even when the lights are off.

Honestly, I can't think of anything negative to say. I love my Quu lamp so much that I've decided to take it with me if we ever move house. The only thing I'd say is that think carefully where you'll be placing this lamp. Bigger rooms need a bigger pendant (you'll need more light) and smaller rooms less. The see-through bulbs produce a strong light so if you want more ambient lighting pick a bulb with low lumens (ideally 100) or consider installing a dimmer switch so you'll have complete control over your lighting. Personally I love this lamp in the kitchen or above the dining room table, or even in the bedroom. If you need more light around your food preparation area or island it's better to go for the single drop hanging pendants.

I guess it's pretty clear I'm very fond of this lamp (for so many different reasons) and it has transformed our kitchen beyond my expectations. There are few different ways you can make a small kitchen shine, but the easiest way is to focus on the accessories. Pick the best appliances and accessories that your budget allows. Don't be shy. Be ready to make a statement. What I love about Nordic design is that it's truly timeless and a real investment. My parents haven't changed some of their furniture for over 40 years and they have never really gone out of style. It's just another proof that Nordic design doesn't date and that's how I know I will love my Quu lamp for many years to come.   

* This is a collaborative post with Quu Design. As always, I only promote products/brands I feel passionate about.

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