Tuesday, 25 September 2018


I'm not sure if it's to do with my Finnish roots, or my recent trip to Finland, but I am absolutely loving the colour blue at the moment. The funny thing is that it's not any specific shade of blue I like. I pretty much love anything from baby blue to purple (which is technically not blue but it's pretty close still).

Now I know what you're thinking, the Dulux colour of the year is heart wood (a dark pink colour with a dash of taupe) but let me assure you it's not the first time I'm choosing to ignore trends and  follow my own instinct in stead. Don't get me wrong, I like the colour but it's not exactly something I am planning to add to our home anytime soon. Even if I did, I would
add it in smaller doses. I do think you need to be a bit careful with trends. I tend to only buy items that I know I will love long term. If you do want to follow trends, or just feel bored with your current colour scheme, start with the smaller accessories first like cushions or candle holders. Don't be tempted to buy the overly trendy pink velvet sofa that is all over Instagram right now, unless you know that you'll love it forever (well at least for the next 10 years, am I right?) Trends are actually not meant to last, it's much better to invest in classics in my opinion.

Back to the topic.. I looked at the my Instagram feed the other day and realised there definitely has been a blue theme going on for a while now (this wasn't intentional at all). From flowers to bathroom towels, blue seems to be taking over our house bit by bit. If I had to pick my favourite shade of blue if would probably be something between baby blue and bright blue. The cool thing with blue is that you can mix it quite freely with almost all the other colours out there and still pull off the sophisticated look. Blue works particularly well with neutrals and even black which is why it's the ideal colour for our monochrome home.

Anyway, I thought I'll show you examples how I've styled blue accessories in our home. Also, just to make it clear, blue has never really been out of fashion. Navy and indigo were very popular last season and we all know that nautical blues were the key to nailing the coastal look during the warmers months. I guess my point is that as far as I'm concerned blue is still the hot colour. I am not going to stop buying blue accessories just because it may not be considered trendy anymore. I think blue is such a timeless colour that will never date. Think of it as the new black if you like. I should also add that I'm probably not done with my blue obsession yet. I've been eyeing up some tinted blue vases which I think would look stunning in our lounge. Decisions, decisions..

I'd love to know what colour you are lusting over?? Leave a comment or let me know on Twitter!

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