Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Can you believe it's Easter this week? This year Easter literally just creeped up on me. I realised two days ago that it's Easter this week and went into slight panic mode. My husband is luckily in charge of the food this year but the décor/pretty things are my territory. I really regretted not getting a wreath last Easter, so this year I was determined to buy one. We are entertaining again this year and I really wanted to have a pretty wreath on our front door to greet our dinner guests. 

I looked online for wreaths but sadly they are still not that popular in the UK. Luckily, Amazon had quite a few available so I order the nicest I could find that was on Amazon prime (next day delivery). I'm not going to lie, I didn't have high hopes for this wreath. It's pretty cheap and cheerful and I would have probably preferred a wreath with some eucalyptus foliage. But there was no time and the good reviews gave me some hope.

My Easter wreath arrived within 1 working day and in perfect condition. I love the pastel colours and was actually pleased the colours weren't as vibrant as in the picture. However, I didn't like the pink flowers, so I decided to get rid of them. I removed all the flowers and leaves and replaced them with foliage from an artificial peony bouquet Laura Ashley had gifted me a while ago.

I just wrapped the foliage around the wreath (it helped that you could bend the stems) and I also had to trim some of the branches. I also added some white roses to the wreath but ended up removing them in the end. I still can't make up my mind about them. Should I add the roses or not? I quite like them in the wreath but didn't want it to look too busy. What do you think?

I'm pretty happy how it turned out and the DIY part took only 10-15 minutes. I've got to say that I much prefer to work with artificial braches as they bend so easily and aren't as delicate as real flowers.

If you're looking for last minute Easter wreaths, check out this wreath from M&S and this from Amazon (which is on prime). The wreath I'm featuring in this post sold out yesterday, but seems to be back in stock again. It's no longer on prime though, so there's a chance you may not get it in time for Easter.

Happy Easter!

PS.  If you fancy making a DIY wreath from scratch (and have the time and patience that I'm lacking), check out the latest post from Edit By Emily. What a talented lady!

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