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When it comes to choosing a bedroom colour scheme, I prefer warmer colours that give you that soothing feeling every time you enter the room. Lighting plays a big part in it as well of course. I much prefer dim mood lighting which is why we installed spotlights with dimmer switches pretty shortly after we moved to our new house. Lighting in the bedroom should be functional too (and within reach), but it should also highlight art pieces or any other decorative items that you have on display.

I've been meaning to get new bedside lamps for our master bedroom for ages. Our old ones were too small and they never really looked quite right (you can see what they used to look like here). There are so many different things you should consider when buying a new table lamp. Think about what type of base will suit the table it will be placed on. Smaller side tables usually look better with a lamp with a thinner base, where as long console tables can look striking with a wider base. Also, think about what size shade you will need. All these things will depend on the room and where in the room you will be placing your lamp of course. 

You may remember that I'm part of Wayfair's Home Experts Programme. Well, this month Wayfair launched their Light & Bright campaign with Endon lighting which is all about how additional lighting in a room can lift your spirits during the dark winter months. Of course I happily accepted the challenge (along with 9 other bloggers) and I knew straight away this would be the perfect time to upgrade our old bedside lamps. Luckily, the minute I spotted the Lessina lamps on the Wayfair website I knew they'd be perfect.

Ok, let's talk about these lamps. Obviously this is not an in-depth review since I've only had these for two weeks, but so far I am finding them fantastic. My only worry is that they look a little fragile (made of glass) and we don't have a good track record keeping glass lamps alive, but I can only hope for the best!

The clear glass base and the faux silk shade are such a beautiful combo. I also love that I can easily change the shade if I ever get bored of the colour (although I don't see that happening any time soon). One of the reasons why I went for this lamp (other than the fact that it looks absolutely stunning) is because it has a touch function. So, you just touch the top or bottom part of the lamp and it will switch on/off. It also has 3 different levels of brightness which you can control by tapping it once, twice or three times for the brightest effect. I tend to use level 3 all the time but it's totally up to you. Dimmer switches are great because it  means that you can control the lighting throughout the day. I felt that the nickel effect lamp complemented our bedroom colour scheme best, although the gold version looks absolutely striking too. Also, the large shade was another factor as I wanted the table lamps to highlight the big canvas piece above the bed as well.

I also love the fact that this lamp is LED operated (our old lamp wasn't and it used to get extremely hot). I really think that LED lighting is here to stay. LED lighting is affordable and practical which is why I don't understand why anyone would like to go back to halogen lighting. I'm also loving the current lighting trends at the moment. There are so many quirky designs to choose from these days that lighting shopping has never been more fun. You could go for a minimalist industrial style lamp or a stunning art deco piece. Retro style lamps are back too and they are available in so many wonderful finishes that you'll be spoilt for choice (I especially love gold, silver and brass). I love that lighting can be used in so many creative ways to highlight our favourite pieces; whether it's an art piece, cabinet or a mirror in the bathroom. Also, remember that good lighting will enhance your decor and hide the imperfections, where as bad lighting will do just the opposite.

Happy lighting shopping!

* Thank you Wayfair for sponsoring this post.


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