Tuesday, 23 January 2018


If you follow me on Instagram you have probably noticed I've been sharing some of my favourite photos from my daughters recent birthday party. The entire tablescape just turned out so pretty, so I thought why not share it on the blog too! I love planning my daughters birthday parties at the moment. My eldest daughter is obsessed with everything sparkly and pink so it's quite easy to create girlie birthday tablescapes that are stylish too. My daughter turned 5 on New Year's Eve, so I wanted to create a pretty little tablescape that would go nicely with our New Year's decor as well.

Since her birthday is on New Year's Eve, it's always a little challenging to plan. There is so much going on post Christmas but I kind of like how it marks the end of the Christmas celebrations for us. I think the trick with New Year's birthday parties is to add a dash of metallics to the mix. A gold or silver table runner will easily double up for the adults party in the evening too.

I'm a big fan of supermarket cakes and we usually get ours from Waitrose or M&S. I love that the cakes can be personalised and that there are so many cute designs to choose from. They are not too expensive either which why I don't think I'll ever attempt to bake a cake myself. Although, I think we have pretty much gone through all their design so I might need to find a new cake maker soon. Our pink parcel cake was from Waitrose and it definitely  tasted as good as it looked (if not better!).

When ever I'm throwing a birthday party at home (for the kids or the grown ups), flowers always play a big part. I can't imagine a birthday table setting without some pretty flowers. I always buy the flowers on the day or the day before so they look as fresh as possible. I hand picked the flowers for this bouquet as I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to create a delicate bouquet with some of my daughters favourite flowers like roses and daisies. I also wanted to add some eucalyptus leaves to the bouquet as they always make the entire flower arrangement smell amazing. I love how the bouquet turned out and it was my florists idea to use grass at the bottom of the bowl vase. I love the grass effect so much that I will definitely steal this idea again! If you're not a fan of arranging flowers, take your vase to the florist and let them do the hard work for you. Flower arranging is truly a skill but the more you do it, the better you get.

We also bought the rest of our party food from Waitrose. I usually go for a nice mix of hot and cold food. I always try to cater for adults too. I think it's nice to have some blinis or macaroons on the table, although funnily enough usually the kids end up eating them before the adults get to them!

I love the Rainbow birthday range from Hobby Craft. It's the perfect mix of colour and metallics!

You can't have a birthday party without some balloons, right? I love the mix of pink and gold here. Confetti balloons are great for grown up parties too or on New Year's Eve. They look so elegant and chic. I kind of wish they would stay up forever to match the rest of my gold accessories.

Happy party planning!

Product List

Table Runner (similar)
Fish Bowl Vase (similar)
3 Tier Cake Stand
Confetti balloons (gifted)
Tablecloth (similar)
Party Poppers
Star food sticks (similar)
 Chevron cups (gifted)
Serving plate Sainsbury's (gifted, not available online)
  New Year's balloon (Card factory, not available online)

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


2018 is finally here! We've had such a busy start to the year already but I'm certainly not complaining. There are so many exciting things and projects happening this year and I've spent the last few weeks trying to get myself organised for it all. Although, I don't normally believe in New Year's resolutions (I do try but often fail to remember them..), but I still think it's really important for me personally to set some goals for the year (no matter how big or small).

Our house renovation project has stagnated for a while which is something I'm not particularly happy about. We did all the major renovation works first; new boiler, flooring, extension, new kitchen, new driveway and new garden decking etc. As much as I enjoy seeing the improvement, I absolutely hate having people in the house to carry out the renovation works. It's such a stressful time and when you have children it's 10 times worse. After we finished renovating the kitchen and the extension I decided it was time to take a break. Luckily, I feel like I'm ready for a challenge again. We've had some time to think about what we want to do next, especially now that we have done all the structural work, it's time to focus on the fun stuff. We have also realised that this is probably not our 'forever house' (although I do believe we'll stay here for the next 3-5 years) so that has definitely helped us to narrow down the jobs that we really want to do.

We'll be redecorating our hall, stairs and landing first. Our painter started ripping off the wall paper last week and he should be finished by the end of this week. The walls will be painted white (using Dulux Timeless matt colour, just like downstairs) and I'm so pleased we'll get to replace the old carpet we inherited when we bought the house with a brand new wool herringbone carpet. I'm so excited about our new carpet you wouldn't believe. I really wanted a natural carpet with an elegant herringbone pattern and shopped around online and locally and finally found one that I absolutely love. The only thing is it's 100% wool and light cream. Am I crazy? Yes, probably since I have two small children and a messy husband but I'm hoping the herringbone pattern will hide some of the dirt. I'm also going to have a fabric protector on it so hopefully it won't stain as easily. Since we don't eat or drink on the stairs or on the landing I'm a bit more relaxed about the colour. Also, we don't wear shoes inside either which should help a little. 

We will be also remodelling our downstairs bathroom. We have never renovated the downstairs bathroom, although we did a mini bathroom make-over and installed real marble floor tiles when we moved in (which begun to deteriorate after few months, yes months!) Well, fast forward 6 years and I'm still loving marble but not the natural side so much. So, this time we will be installing marble effect porcelain in stead (it's actually more expensive than real marble but more durable). Our bathroom renovation isn't due until March so I've got plenty of time to plan it all. I'm planning a fully tiled bathroom with marble effect porcelain tiles and some black accessories. We've only bought the tiles so far, so I still need to find some cool accessories to give it a nice contemporary feel. Oh, I also need to figure out shelving and storage as it's the trickiest part when you have a small or medium sized bathroom. I really hope that everything goes according to plan. Big jobs like this always make me nervous, no matter how much research I do.

We are also finally planning to fit a kitchen splashback (we have one behind the hob but that's it). I think I'll go for white subway tiles with a herringbone pattern (similar to this). Not tiling the kitchen was one of my biggest kitchen renovation regrets. At the time I didn't really know what type of splashback I wanted and I thought the painted finish looked nice. The thing is painted walls in a kitchen are just not practical. You need to do touch ups pretty frequently (which doesn't really bother me that much) but the room just never looked finished to me. I'm so excited to get it finally done and hope that it looks exactly like I had imagined. 

Of course, I'm also going to continue blogging about décor and hopefully collaborating with some awesome brands that I love. Also, something super exciting is happening in April but I don't want to reveal too much about it yet. I'll keep you posted!

On a more personal note, I'm going to try to improve the same things that I say I want to improve every year. Since I work from home, I'm going to try to learn how to switch off work mode and spend my time more wisely. I also want to automate more blog posts and social media tasks. I often feel guilty for not spending enough time writing blog posts and posting pictures on Instagram (some bloggers post multiple times a day!) but I simply don't have it in me. There are so many different social media platforms out there right now that it's hard to keep up, don't you think? I know things will get easier as my babies get older (I hope!) but I'm doing the best I can right now. Which leads me to my next New Year's resolution.. I'll also try to take better care of myself and maybe even join a gym this year. Meditation and pilates are the two things I'd like to focus on. It will be all about unplugging, unwinding and relaxing which is something that I really need to work on. 

If there's anything you'd like to see  more of on the blog (or see less of), please speak up I'd really like to hear from you. My blog has evolved a lot since I started (almost 4 years ago now!) and although it will always be mostly about interiors/décor I'm open for suggestions.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions?


Tuesday, 2 January 2018


What are Suhki rugs? What does Sukhi mean? What differentiates Sukhi rugs from other textile companies on the market? These were just some of the questions that were on my mind when I got introduced to Sukhi about a month ago.

Let me assure you, Sukhi isn't just your ordinary carpet brand. In fact, there are so many cool little things that make them different from anyone else on market. One of their biggest selling points (at least for me) is that the rugs are ethically made in their country of origin. Sukhi means 'happy' in Nepali and the happiness of the people who make the rugs is something Sukhi take very seriously. They even name the rugs after the people who have created them (what a genious idea!)

I've picked my top three rugs from their current collection (it was a tough job, but somehow I managed to narrow it down to my final 3!) I'm not going to lie, it was their Beni Ourain rugs that really caught my eye first. They are so beautiful and versatile. By the way, I love that the rugs are sent directly from the makers. Since there are no middle men, the prices are incredibly competitive. Also, since the rugs are hand made, they are highly customisable too which means each rug is a unique piece of art on its own.

Here are my top 3 rugs..


This rug was love at first sight. I mean, how could I not fall in love with this rug? It ticks every box for me. Naima is definitely a signature Beni Ourain rug. It's hand made and incredibly soft (and 100% fair trade!). I'd love a soft sheepskin rug in the living room but this rug would also be ideal for the bedroom. This is probably one of the most versatile rugs out there. Naima will go with most interior styles which means it's a timeless piece and worth the investment for sure.


Ayush is my second favourite rug in the collection. Why? Because it's simple and stylish. Wool rugs don't get much more elegant than this, right? Ayush is a woolen loop rug, made of 100% wool of course. Like all the other Sukhi rugs, it's super versatile. It goes with both contemporary and traditional interior schemes. You really cannot go wrong with Ayush in my opinion. 


This rug has such a gorgeous Scandi vibe about it. It looks so warm and inviting. Sunil is also a hand made rug and I just love the braided look. I could look at this pattern for ages - it's so captivating! This rug kind of reminds me that less is more. It's simple and complex at the same time. I would love a braided rug like this in our living room. I'd probably go for a neutral colour, maybe light grey. I'm always worried about staining my wool rugs but apparently all you need to do is to wet them and then sponge the spillage with a watered down detergent. How clever!


Where and how did you get the idea for Sukhi rugs?

During our travel to Nepal, we discovered that the handicraft from this country was incredible and we really wanted to share these amazing handmade felt ball rugs with the rest of the world too so that everyone can have access to these lovely rugs. The cheerful colours and the high quality of the felted balls really jumped out. Then we decided to set up two workshops in two different parts of Kathmandu. The women who work for us live within a walking distance from their workplace. About half of the women make the felted balls, and the other half make the rugs. Others handle the supervision and training. As soon as they are done making the balls or rugs, they bring the products back to the workshop. We currently sell handmade felt ball rugs from Nepal, Patchwork carpets from Turkey, Beni ourain carpets from Morocco and felt and wool rugs from India.We also believe that the talented people who make Sukhi rugs should have a great pay and excellent working conditions. That is why we visit our artisans regularly. We are closely involved with every step from ordering, making and sending it to the buyer, directly from the maker.

What differentiates Sukhi rugs from its competitors?

Each Sukhi rug is unique. Sukhi allows customers and design professionals to choose their preferred size, shape, design and colours. The result is an authentic rug. One that fits their home and personal style which is pretty unique. You have the ability to create your own handmade rug all the way from Morocco, Nepal, Turkey or India. Furthermore, we add a label with the name of the maker to the rug so that when you receive your rug you can even send back a thank you message or pictures!
Another thing that differentiates us from competitors is that we've had a social mission from the day we started ; the majority of the women who work for us are illiterate, which makes them vulnerable, but by making Sukhi rugs, they can take care of their children in addition to taking care of the housekeeping because they have the flexibility to work when it suits them best. The result is that these woman are able to live comfortably and can send their children to school. It gives them a feeling of pride and self-reliance which I am very proud of!
How do you  come up with new designs?

I am a textile designer (studied at an Art school in the Netherlands),  The countries where our rugs are made are famous for their handicraft which I love and it is my mission to show their work with the rest of the world. The combination of my designs with their traditional craftsmanship is interesting as we bring new and old together and that is very inspiring. I get inspired by the countries where our rugs are from, by flowers and by nature.

What's your favourite rug (you can only pick one!) and why?

My favourite rug is from our new ''Hygge'' collection named: Kalim. It is a braided wool rug made from soft New Zealand wool. I loooove the pureness and softness. And the color is perfect. It fits in every room :) What is your favourite Sukhi rug?

What's the best advice you've been given?

1) Follow your dreams 2) Think big.

I love your new 'hygge collection'. What else can we expect from Sukhi rugs in 2018?

A lot! We are working very hard behind the scenes :) Follow our Instagram to stay up to date and not to miss anything, https://www.instagram.com/sukhimatot New designs are coming up, but I cannot tell you how they will look like and where they are from...I'll let you know once we have launched them!

Thank you so much Nasia for giving us an insight into your business. I feel so inspired by Sukhi rugs and Nasia's outlook on life. I hope you feel inspired too!

For more inspiration, head over to  www.sukhirugs.com

* Thank you Sukhi for sponsoring this post.

*Images credited: Sukhi
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