Tuesday, 29 August 2017


I've been dying to do a flower arranging workshop for ages but just never got around to it. You probably know by now how much I love fresh cut flowers. We seem to have flowers in the house pretty much all the time these days. I buy them every 2 weeks or so but sometimes I get only a week out of them. I usually buy them in the supermarket by the way (which is a lot cheaper and more convenient than going to a florist) but I'm not convinced if it's actually the most cost effective way to do it.

So when Obby offered me to trial one of their workshops (they have a vast selection of courses to choose from, check them out here), I couldn't believe my luck. It was an opportunity I couldn't miss. I looked at different flower arranging workshops on their site which was super easy to navigate. Just type in what you are looking for. I searched for 'floristry' and I immediately got a list of courses in different London locations. Bloomon was a familiar name to me so I was really keen to book with them.

I attended the Bloomon flower arranging workshop in  their new location in Chelsea last Wednesday. They have few different time slots to choose from, but the 8-9 PM course suited me best. The class was quite small (which is good), I think  there were 8-10 people in total. It all started off very well as I was offered a glass of wine before I got seated. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the intro was really good too as they explained in more detail how Bloomon works. To sum it up, Bloomon is an online flower delivery service. It's a Dutch company and all the flowers come from the growers directly from Holland. This means that the flowers are super fresh the minute they land on your door step as there is no middle man. I love the concept but you'll need to arrange the flowers yourself when they arrived as they are not hand tied. Now this is where I struggle. I wanted to learn how to do this properly, especially since I like buying single bouquets and combining them into one large one.

Here are some behind the scenes shots!

Luckily I got to take my bouquet home with me and I couldn't wait to find the perfect spot for it in our house. As soon as I arrived home, I cut the stems again (since they had not been in water for an hour or so). I also searched for the biggest vase I could find, although this was their medium size bouquet, I found it huge. I gave the vase a good clean and then added the flower food into the fresh water. I found the perfect spot for the flowers in the hall. I just love a big statement bouquet on the hall table. I always go for a tall arrangement too so it distracts from the hideous wall paper. I can't wait to get these walls painted at some point.

Top 8 care tips for fresh-cut flowers

1. Clean your vase well. And, when I say well I mean with bleach. I was quite surprised too but apparently a bit of bleach kills all the bacteria. Fairy washing up liquid isn't quite strong enough to do the trick it seems, so bleach it is.

2. Don't fill up the vase too high. Flowers drink from the stem so there is no need to.

3. Remove all the leaves from the part of the stems that will be submerged.

4. Cut all stems at an angle so that it provides a wider surface of water to travel up the stem. (This one I knew, ha!)

5. When you start arranging your bouquet, use the medium sized stems first. Start criss-crossing them and then add smaller and larger stems towards the end. Watch a tutorial how to do it here.

6. Change the water every 3 days. Also, since bleach kills bacteria you should add few drops of bleach (only use a capful for large vases, less for a small one) to the fresh water and they will stay looking and smelling beautiful for up to 2 week. I added 3 drops of bleach to the water on day 3 and so far so good. I would be very careful when adding the bleach though. If you can smell it, you've added too much.

7. Make sure you always use good, clean scissors to cut the stems.

8. Try to keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, in a cool dry place.

I really enjoyed this workshop with Obby and there's no doubt I'll be booking another course with them very soon. I do think attending a workshop in person makes a big difference. You can of course find all the information online too, but you won't get one-on-one assistance like you do during the course. Also, sometimes you just have to see how it's done close up before you get the hang of it.  I'm currently eyeing up the wine tasting workshop which sounds too good to be true. I love the selection of courses Obby have available at the moment and it's so handy that they have courses held in different locations so you can just pick the one nearest to you. They also send you a reminder few days before the course takes place, so you don't miss it. I do think these courses are more fun when you go with a friend so next time I'll be dragging someone along with me.

You can get £10 off any course at Obby, just use discount code FINNTERIOR10 at check out.

Thank you Obby for introducing me to your wonderful courses. I am hooked!

* This post was in collaboration with Obby.

Friday, 11 August 2017


Happy Friday! I'm super excited that my blog has been nominated again for an Amara Interior Blog Award in the Best Design Inspiration category this year. You may remember that I was nominated last year for the first time ever and honestly I couldn't believe it. I have been following some of the other bloggers for years now (and believe me, most of them are super talented and have been doing this a lot longer than I have) so it felt amazing to be part of the IBA's and get some recognition for the hard work I've been doing for the past 3.5 years now.

As I was saying, I've been nominated in the Best Design Blog category (read more about it here), which happens to be the toughest category to win due to sheer volume of blogs, so if you enjoy my blog at all and would like to make me the happiest person on the planet, please vote for me here! Voting is open until the 15th of September so there's still plenty of time to vote for me or for any of your favourite blogs/bloggers out there.

By the way, one of the reasons why I love the IBA's is that every year you get to discover new blogs and interior designers. My favourite is the newcomers category so do check out all the new blogs that have recently hit the interiors scene. Remember you can only vote once per blog!

Thank you so much for all your support! I really do appreciate it x

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Can you believe it's August already? Last month was a pretty busy month for us and it certainly didn't help that children are off school at the moment. Let me tell you, our garden has been an absolute godsend in the last few weeks now that the schools are closed in the UK. We spend so much time there as a family and I feel that it's the only room/space in the house where you can still hear your own thoughts amongst all the noise.

I was honoured to be asked to write a guest post for a brand new online magazine, Your House & Home, which officially launched 1st of August. You can find my guest post {How to make your outdoor space feel like another room in the house} on their brand new website, along with some handy tips and latest decorating advice. Pour yourself a large coffee (or a tea!) and enjoy!

Head over to their website here!


Tuesday, 1 August 2017


We had some friends over recently, so I had  the perfect excuse to create a summery tablescape for 4. I love entertaining and I do think the best part of it is the build up to the day. I always plan the food, wine and table setting well in advance so that everything runs smoothly on the day. We had a really lovely casual evening with some nibbles, food and drinks and we ended up spending a good part of the night in the garden sipping wine and chatting. I really wish this summer would never end.

I tend to go for light and airy tablescapes during the summer months. I love light coloured table cloths and I don't even own a colourful one. I much prefer accessorising the dinner table with some gold accessories and introducing colour in smaller doses. The light grey table cloth is from H&M Home and it's such a great value. It's 100% cotton so the ironing part is a bit of work but I love how big it is. It's always better to go for a bigger size by the way. Obviously, you should measure your table first but I find that after the first wash cotton tends to shrink so I always go for a generous size if possible.

I wanted to add some gold accents to the dinner table to give it a bit more glamorous look. Brass and gold are absolutely timeless and I can't imagine getting bored of them anytime soon. I also like to mix metallics, especially gold, bras and silver. These days these are no rules, so feel free to experiment. I picked up the gold leaf napkins also from H&M Home and I love how they introduce a bit of pattern to the table setting. 

White roses are always an elegant choice, so I decided to add some of our home grown roses to the tablescape. I used a large brass lantern from Next as a mini vase, which did the job perfectly. In case you're wondering, I did place a shot glass inside the lantern so the roses would be in clean, fresh water. I don't get many days out of home grown roses though, but I do love using some single roses for table settings occasionally.

I'm definitely a bit of a  foodie, although I'd say all my recipes are super easy. Blinis, also known as Russian pancakes, are my favourite starter. They are so easy to make and really brighten up the table setting. Blinis taste divine with a glass of bubbly, so I totally recommend them if you're planning to throw a dinner party. I also love using the 3-tier cake stand when entertaining. It saves so much space on the table and looks pretty impressive too. I wanted to pick a summery looking bottle of bubbly for this tablescape and let's face it, Veuve Cliquet never disappoints. The yellow label brings just the right amount of colour to the table setting.

Our silver plated tray has been also getting a lot of use lately. I actually picked it up from our local charity shop few years ago. It was brand new, so I couldn't believe my luck. Now I probably own about 10 trays but you can never have too many trays, can you?

Product List

Table Cloth - H&M Home
Napkins discontinued (but I love these)
Napkin holder discontinued(similar here)
Palatial Tableware - Sainsburys (gifted)
Iittala Essence Sweet Wine Glass
3-tier Cake Stand
Vera Wang Wine Coaster
Lantern discontinued (similar here)
Placemats discontinued (similar here)
Brushed Gold Cutlery Set (Gifted)
Silver tray (similar here)

 If you're planning the perfect summer get together, don't forget to check out the The Glossy Guide to Summer Entertaining!
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