Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Our hall is one of my favourite rooms in the house at the moment and I do believe it's all thanks to the mini make-over we did back in March. It seems that the weather has picked up in the UK lately so of course I wanted to make sure that our hall feels summery too.  It's incredibly easy to switch to summer mode. All you need is some tropical faux plants and some bright accessories. When I say bright accessories I really mean one or two pieces. I'm definitely more into neutrals but I love having a pop of green or yellow in the mix.

Individual branches are great for making a real statement. You can go for faux greenery or the real thing like I did. It's been so hot outside (and inside) that honestly I haven't bothered with real flowers for a while. But that doesn't mean that you have to say good bye to all greenery. I would have preferred palm leaves but our local florist had ran out so I opted for some eucalyptus branches in stead. You won't get many days out of them at the moment I'm afraid. Probably just over a week I'd say. But I still think they are worth it. Eucalyptus branches really brighten up the hall and the scent is out of this world. I'm considering investing in some faux eucalyptus branches though. They would definitely turn out a lot cheaper in the long run so I might just have to start searching for the perfect bunch now.

Silver used to dominate our hall but I wanted to give it a warmer feel during the summer months. I decided to bring some of the gold accessories from our lounge to the hall to give it a nice blend of gold and silver. I love to move accessories from one room to another. It's obviously cheaper than buying new items for each season and you'd be surprised how different they can look in a different spot in the house.

Max Benjamin home scents have been on my radar for quite some time now. I loved their Amalfi collection the minute I saw it. I'm always swayed by pretty packaging and I really can't help it.  The bright colours and the floral design of the Amalfi range are ideal for those hot summer days. I ordered the Amalfi Dolce Sole diffuser online so it was a bit of a risk but luckily the scent is heavenly. One thing I'd say is that Max Benjamin reed diffusers are the strongest I've ever come across. If you don't like strong scents, they might be a bit too much. However, I find them absolutely perfect and the scent definitely gets more balanced after a few weeks. They last about 3 months but the fact that I can actually smell them, unlike some cheaper reed diffusers, makes them worth the splurge. Also, don't forget to flip the reeds every 2-3 days. It really makes a difference.

I feel a bit nervous having real cactus plants in the house, especially because we have two young children, which is why I love these cacti tea lights. They look so real, don't you think? They go perfectly with the hanging tea light holder but I find them almost too pretty to light.

Coffee table books can be used anywhere in the house. In fact, don't feel like coffee table books should be just limited to the living room or lounge. Hall is also a great spot for them because your guests will see straight away what your interests are. They make great accent pieces too so do pick colours that complement the décor. Also, be prepared to discuss the coffee table books you are displaying with your guests.

If you're still looking for more summer interior inspiration, check out 25 Summer House Designs by Elle Décor!

*Some of the products in this post have been gifted to me.

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