Tuesday, 28 March 2017


I've recently felt that I don't get nearly as much use out of my dressing table as I'd like. I often find myself doing the make-up in the bathroom anyway. So I've been seriously considering transforming my bedroom dressing table into a home office. There's so much inspiration on pinterest that finally about a month ago I decided to do something about it. My dresser will still be used for vanity, occasionally, but I thought what a clever idea would it be if it could also double up as a home office.

Now I should probably tell you that we do have a study downstairs. It's my husbands games room/study/mancave but there is no way I could work from there. It's the least inspiring space you could imagine, for a woman, but I get guys will love it; it's a man cave after all. I usually work from our dining room but I get distracted so easily and I'm constantly trying to multi task which means it's not efficient at all.  My bedroom is the ideal spot because I can shut the door and isolate myself from all the noise, mess and household tasks that are usually waiting for me.

It's actually super easy to transform your dressing table into a workable desk. Dressing tables tend to be narrow though so you should steer clear of clutter and unnecessary accessories. Luckily everything I need is on my laptop.  Filers and organisers can be kept in the cupboard or on a shelf so they don't take over your desk. I'm one of those people that don't even own a paper calendar anymore. Everything is on my iPhone and computer. The only thing that I do need is a note pad and a booklet. I like to write things down and I take them everywhere with me. You never know when inspiration is going to strike, right?

I would consider adding a few accent pieces to your desk though so that it looks a nice and inviting. This can be anything that you like; flowers, candles, you name it. I opted for faux peonies and I was surprised how real they actually look. Obviously nothing beats the real thing but faux flowers are just so handy in a bedroom. I use my home office for writing, responding to emails and photo editing. Printing and faxing will have to take place in our downstairs study, but I hardly print anything these days so it's not a deal breaker for me.

The latest addition to my home office is the iSpot Blade Desk Lamp. Ormrod Lighting & Electrical kindly gifted me this product for a review and honestly I couldn't be happier with it. I was worried first that it might look too plasticky but the quality is superb. Obviously I love the minimalist design and that both the lamp arm and leg are adjustable. It also has adjustable colour temperature and is dimmable via touch control interface which I find incredibly handy. The USB port is also a must-have. I do find the lamp very lightweight but for me that's a bonus. It's very stable too so I tend to pile my magazines under it to save me some space on the desk. Plus, I think it looks kind of cool placed on top of them.

You may have also noticed that my current laptop is DELL XPS. I bought it a year ago and it was really tough deciding between Dell and Apple. Most people seem to go for Apple these days but it didn't take me long to realise that Dell is actually better value for your money. It's also technically stronger in many aspects. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love my Dell. It's lightweight, slim and most importantly it has a touchscreen. Also, the full HD display is pretty amazing for a photography geek like me.

I love using my new home office and having my own space.  Although, you'll never guess my ultimate home office accessory - ear plugs, of course. I always wear them when I'm working. They block most of the noise and help me concentrate. I'm so addicted now that I don't know how I could cope without them. It's pretty bad I know but for me they are a life saver.

Would you ever consider transforming your bedroom into a home office?

* This post was in Collaboration with Ormrod Lighting & Electrical.


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