Tuesday, 17 January 2017


I don't often feature children's toys on the blog but in this case I had to make an exception. We recently got the most stylish play kitchen for my daughter and I cannot believe how much I'm in love with it too. Also, I'm going to make it my mission this year to finish my daughters bedroom make-over, fingers crossed, so you can expect some kids bedroom interior inspo on the blog soon.

My eldest daughter turned 4 few weeks ago and she told us some time ago that she'd like a play kitchen. She loves to cook with me so I thought that's a great idea. We haven't got a designated play room for the kids which means that I always try to find something discrete that goes well with our décor. It's not always easy but there are so many fabulous brands out there these days selling kids toys that also appeal to us parents. If you can find something stylish that can also enhance the interiors, why would you settle for anything else?

It didn't take me long to find the ideal kitchen. I loved the Sugar Cube Kitchen from GLTC the minute I saw it on their website. It's classy, stylish and compact. It's perfect really. It's not the largest play kitchen available but I wanted something that wouldn't take over a room. It's light so I can easily carry the kitchen upstairs to my daughters room if I need to. I hate building flat packed furniture but my husband is kind of a pro at it by now so he ended up doing the assembly. It took him few hours to build the kitchen but that's pretty much what we expected.

My daughters face was priceless when she saw it. It's such a beautiful kitchen and I just love how well it goes with our neutral colour scheme. It's definitely the most stylish play kitchen I have seen! It's also very well designed and sturdy. The size is perfect for us and of course wood is always a classy choice when it comes to kids toys. The subway tile is also stunning and the silver detailing makes it feel very luxurious. It has everything you need - oven, hot and cold taps, clicking dials, removable sink, utensil, salt and pepper set etc. My favourite part is that it looks so realistic. It's almost like a mini version of our kitchen which I love. Oh, and the chalkboard is just genius. It's great for writing menus or drawing.

We also bought some extra play partners. I love the realistic looking metal pots and pans and the play food is great for some pretend play. We thought we'd start small but there are so many things you can get for the kitchen that you will definitely need some extra storage space too. The cupcake stand and the chocolate cake will be next on the list!

We've only had the kitchen for a few weeks but everyone is thrilled with it. I was a little worried whether it would actually get any use but so far so good.  My daughter uses it everyday and  even our 14 month old loves to play with it! And, if we have guests over in the evening, I just pop it in a cupboard so it's out of sight - it's a seriously handy little kitchen! It's also currently reduced to £80 which I think is well worth it.

What's your experience with play kitchens? Are they worth the splurge?

PS. There are some fabulous play kitchen hacks on pinterest if fancy doing a bit of DIY.

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