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Happy New Year! I thought I'd kick off 2017 with some spring/summer interior inspo. I'm so over winter already. Can we just fast forward the next few months and start planning barbecues and summer parties?

December was again a busy month for me in terms of spring/summer press shows and the House of Fraser press day was probably the coolest one I attended. First of all, the venue was amazing! 1 Marylebone Road is a such a stunning building and ideal for hosting an event like this. Luckily the new collections didn't disappoint either - the Tribe, Villa Vista, Junipa and Casa Couture collections especially stood out for me. Bold colours, unique prints and lux finishes were definitely the highlight of the show.

The Tribe collection is absolutely stunning and I wanted to take every single piece home with me. The collection draws key elements from Modern African design and is spot on trend at the moment. I tend to go for a neutral colour palette but I love accessorising the room with bold colours and cool patterns to make it a bit more personal. I love the rattan prints on the walls! They are actually trays but it's so clever how they double up as wall art. I was also excited to see so many tropical leaves/plants dotted around. You'll be seeing a lot of tropical leave prints in home décor this year. What better way to bring the outdoors in, right?

Woven Throw £50
Kamina Orange Trim Tray £40
I'm so pleased that gold and copper are still very much on the interiors scene. I love the Bali Ceiling Pendant from the Villa Vista collection. And, how amazing is that shade of green? I adore the distressed look and I'm seriously considering adding a feature wall in one of our bedrooms this year.

Bali Pendant £100

The Junipa collection felt a bit more elegant and grown up. The collection explores Eastern approach to interior design, channelling decorative colonial style with a modern twist. I do like the earthy colour palette, although I think it's important to remember to spice things up with a few patterned cushions and accessories. By the way, I love that I'm still seeing rattan everywhere. It might have been a big hit in the 70s, but perhaps we can assume that it is here to stay? Ok, that might not happen, but it's the perfect material for the warmer months as it can make any room feel summery!

Palm Side Table £250
I couldn't take my eyes off the Drum metal coffee table. I definitely think the quality/price ratio is very good. The table is such a good size (larger than it looks in the photo) that I can imagine it would be pretty practical too. I also love the Taj Tall Side table from the Casa Couture collection. Imagine two of these in the hall or in a small corner that isn't quite big enough for anything else. They are perfect for showcasing your favourite art work or plants. Oh, and I promise the Indes 3-seater sofa really is as comfortable as it looks and the material feels absolutely lush.

Drum Metal Coffee Table £420
Taj Tall Side Table £190
We all know that pretty tableware is a big part of décor these days. I own way too many cups already but it's always nice to get some seasonal tableware for the summer months. When it comes to tableware, I prefer pattern over colour. Maybe that's boring but I find patterned tableware more discrete. The tableware from the Tribe collection did not disappoint and the Kamina vase looks equally stunning.

Tribe Mug £6, Kamina Vase £25
And, this basket is simply divine. I wish I had seen it few months ago when I got some new storage baskets for the house. I guess you can never have too many. It's absolutely gorgeous and it comes in different sizes (small, medium and large).

Rush Basket, large £40
I hope you enjoyed reading about my highlights and do pop into House of Fraser to take a closer look at all the new collections. I thought all the collections made quite a strong statement in their own way. I don't always follow trends but they definitely inspire me. I also tend to introduce them to my house in small amounts, just in case I happen to change my mind! 

I'd love to know which collection was your favourite!

For more information visit www.houseoffraser.co.uk

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