Tuesday, 6 December 2016


I've always hated ironing. It's just another time consuming task on my to do list which I never get to. You know that feeling when your pile of clothes that need ironing keeps turning into a mountain, we all hate that. So naturally I was thrilled when ihateironing.com got in touch with me. They are a reputable online dry cleaning service that arrange a collection/drop off from your home address when it suits you. You submit your request online and that's it. No phone calls, driving to the dry cleaners etc. It's really that simple.

I had a chance to test out their service and I thought; what do I hate ironing the most? The bedding of course. I hate ironing our sheets and duvets. They are 100% cotton and feel luxurious and soft against skin. The material seems to get better after each wash but they are badly wrinkled the minute I take them out of the washing machine. It takes me a good hour to iron the set properly and honestly I just don't have the time right now. Ideally, they should be pressed for the perfect wrinkle free finish but that used to mean a trip to the dry cleaners which again takes time.

I submitted my order few weeks ago and I was a little sceptical how it's all going to work out. I decided to have our entire bedding washed and pressed which included 1 fitted sheet, 2 single duvet covers (my husband is a duvet hoarder so we have two single duvets), 2 pillow cases and a king size bedspread. First of all, it's so easy to submit your order online and choose the times that suit you. You just need to enter your post code and it gives you specific time slots that are available for pick up and drop off. You can even get things delivered to your house within 24 hours!

Once I submitted my order, I got an email to confirm everything. I even got a text message few hours before the pick up time to make sure the time still suited me which I wasn't expecting to be honest. So around 8 PM a black mini van with an ihateironing logo and name showed up outside our house and picked up the items. I received my bedding back the next day and it was beautifully packed and folded in a large dry cleaning bag.

My bedding has never looked more beautiful and clean. I cannot tell you enough how amazing it feels to have clean, wrinkle free sheets without having to lift a finger yourself. It's a luxury for me but I can see how this could easily become a necessity. Especially if you have a family and both of you work, a service like this can be a real life saver.

I also had our bedspread cleaned and it was long overdue let me tell you. It's for a king size bed so it's too big to fit into our washing machine. I did try to wash it once but the stains wouldn't come out. I'm not exactly sure what those stains were but I'm pleased to see that they are finally gone. I don't think I have ever seen our bedspread this wrinkle free either. I just can't stop admiring our perfectly made up bed which without a doubt won't stay that way for very long.

I'm very impressed with ihateironing and would definitely use their services again. They currently operate in London, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton so if you live in the South East, why not give it a go? Their customer service is impeccable too and it's good to know that you have someone to contact at all times. Also, if your driver is 10 minutes late, they give you money off your next order. That's pretty impressive, right?

I'd love to know if anyone else has used an online dry cleaning service? Did you find it worthwhile?

* This post was in partnership with ihateironing.com

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