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It's been a few years since I did our bedroom before & after post so I thought it's worth sharing with you what we have been up to since. I've gone for warmer tones in the bedrooms and I love how upstairs feels so different compared to our downstairs monochrome theme. I'm a terrible sleeper, I really am. It takes me ages to fall asleep which is why I have gone for warm, soothing colours that hopefully help me to relax and unwind. I draw a lot inspiration from Style Me Pretty Living which feature some of the most beautiful and chicest bedroom designs I have seen.

I had been looking for the perfect wall art to go above our bed for quite a while when I stumbled across this tree canvas from Next. I love how it adds a bit of texture and colour to the room and I've been thinking about framing it in a gold/brass metal frame. I think it would make it stand out more but I haven't quite decided yet whether it's a good idea. What do you think?

Cushions can really lift the mood in any room. Bedroom is such a cosy place that you should not skimp on the cushions. I like minimalist furniture but when it comes to soft furnishing in the bedrooms I like to go for warm colours and luxurious materials. I adore velvet cushions because they feel amazing to touch and give a soft look to the room too. I decided to keep the cushions fairly neutral because I didn't want the colours to clash with the canvas art above the bed.

I don't think I could do without good size bedside tables. Scented candles, photo frames and small decorative ornaments look great on them. I've been thinking about upgrading our bedside lamps at some point. I'd like larger lamps that would highlight the painting above the bed too. There's actually a pretty funny story involving our bedside tables. We order two white bedside tables but they delivered one white and one beige table (very subtle difference) and it took us 3 years to notice this. Unbelievable, right? It was tricky to notice as the lighting is quite different next to the window and I just thought it made the table appear whiter than the other one. Annoyingly, after we spotted the difference it was all you could see. We ordered them 5 years ago from Paul Simon which has now closed down so we weren't sure if we could still get another one in white. We found an online supplier who still stocks this range so we got another table in white recently. So now they match but I still cannot believe I didn't spot the difference when they were delivered in the first place!

Is anyone else obsessed with hats? Let's face it, I won't exactly have many opportunities to use mine at the moment but I love hanging it up on the door or on the walls. If I ever have a large hat collection, I'd love to make a cool feature wall out of them!

Don't forget to have plants or flowers in the bedroom. Fake ones are absolutely fine. Just buy good quality ones that look as real as possible. This plant (below) is actually real. I don't really know what it is but it doesn't need a lot of water so it's ideal for someone like me who would forget to water it anyway.

Wall mountable cubes are perfect for a decorative display in the bedroom. I don't think wall shelving like this is ideal for storage though. It's important not to overfill them as they can end up looking cluttered. Also, make sure that the accessories you place on the shelves complement the overall colour and feel of the room.

I've always wanted a gallery wall in the bedroom and we used Command picture hanging strips to hang the Ikea RIBBA frames. I'm a keen photographer so it's a nice idea to showcase some of our family photos on the walls. All the photos on the gallery wall are black and white and I think the monochrome picture wall looks well in a room that is filled with such warm, neutral tones.

I'm nowhere near finished decorating this room yet. I have to admit, it hasn't been a priority for me but I'd like to get an arm chair next year to go in the corner opposite the bed. I'm also loving chunky knitted throws at the moment (notonthehighstreet.com have a good selection) but I'm slightly concerned that my mini-me's might destroy such a beautiful piece of art in no time. Hence, I haven't bitten the bullet yet! I 'd also like to some wall art above our TV. My husband insisted on having a TV in the bedroom but I think there are a lot mixed opinions on this. I never watch TV in bed but I don't actually mind having it there.

What's your preference? Would you have TV in the bedroom - yes or no?

Bedspread La Redoute
Cushions Laura Ashley
Cube Wall Shelving Homebase
Gallery Photo Frames Ikea UK
Tree Wall Art Next (similar here)
Bedroom Furniture Paul Simon (same range sold here)

* Some of the items in this post have been gifted to me.

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