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I just love staying at hotels. We visited Bath in June (you may have read about my trip here) and decided to enjoy the beautiful city of Bath for a few days this time. I don't know about you, but I have a quite a long list of criteria before I book a stay at a hotel these days.  Hotel interiors have become increasingly important to me in the last few years when we are looking for a place to stay. Hotels are not just for crashing a few nights, but somewhere we go with my husband to relax and rejuvenate.

Bedroom should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing rooms in your home. It's where you go after a long day to regain your energy and  get some much needed sleep. I adore monochrome décor but when it comes to bedrooms, I prefer soft muted tones. I find them much more relaxing and calming. I don't actually mind contrasting colours, especially when it comes to the cabinetry, but overall I like a fairly neutral colour palette with few accent colours that give a room a bit of personality.

We stayed at the Bath Priory in June and it was our third stay at the hotel. Obviously we are big fans since we keep going back. It really is a beautiful hotel and the impeccable service and the fabulous Michelin star restaurant make you feel very special during your stay. The décor however is very 'old school' glamour; think of antiques and oil paintings. The hotel is absolutely charming and has a real Jane Austen feel to it. It couldn't be more different from my own home décor but I actually love that.

We are a family of 4 so we needed a bigger room this time. I booked one of their family rooms that was recommended to us.  I knew we were in the newly refurbished part of the hotel but I kind of expected it to be like the previous rooms we had stayed in - old school glam with antiques.

Oh boy, was I wrong. Our room was furnished and decorated to the nines with beautiful modern pieces of furniture and amazing details. This room is the epitome of classy interiors; clean lines, matching custom made pieces, silver accessories and beautifully equipped marbled bathroom. It really was heavenly and even though I personally tend to go for a lot more contemporary look, they had managed to combine contemporary details with rustic classic furniture pieces in a such a beautiful manner that I was beyond impressed.

Now, I'm annoyed with myself because I was so taken by the pretty details that I forgot to take proper picture of the room and the layout. In the past we had booked a suite with them but this was way better. The room was definitely big enough for 4 of us. There was a large hall, beautiful marble en-suite bathroom, king size bed, sofa bed for the toddler (that fits easily two children by the way) and a cot for the baby. This is the most fabulous room I have stayed in in a long time and if we decide to go back next year, I'll definitely request to stay in the same room (I believe it was called Lavender).

So let's talk about the interiors. I loved the different hues of grey. I loved the simple grey walls with the wall panel mouldings. I loved the fact there was no wall paper in sight. It was all about simplicity and classy furniture pieces. There was plenty of texture to soften up the décor so it didn't feel cold or sterile. The entire room was oozing sophistication and tranquillity that made me feel like I never want to leave. This room reminded me how much I love grey and pastel blue. They are such pretty colours and apparently light grey has become the new white. I am seeing a lot more grey walls in both interior magazines and private homes. I think it's a pretty timeless colour choice. Especially if you opt for a lighter shade.

Lighting is one of the most essential elements when you are setting the mood in any room. Our room was quite dark so it needed a lot lighting. Consider having floor, wall and table lighting and the darker your room is the more dependent you are on artificial light. Light coloured walls bounce light off nicely so it made a lot of sense to keep things simple in this room.

I can't get this glass coffee table out of my head. It's so chic in its simplicity. I prefer side/stacked tables at the moment but if I ever decide to get a coffee table - this will be it! Even though I love gold at the moment, this piece of furniture reminds me how timeless and elegant silver is -totally understated and fabulous.
Who doesn't love beautiful marbled bathrooms? They are luxurious and timeless. Light brown marble is always a safe choice and will look impressive for many years to come. I adore the neutral colour palette and how everything looks so well organised and clean. The glass shelving (including the spotlight above it) also stood out for me. If only my own bathroom would look this well organised. I also love the light rattan accessories! They are beautiful and durable. Rattan is such a hard wearing and moisture resistant material that it's ideal for shower rooms.

I hope you got some kind of an idea what our room looked like. It's always tricky when you're staying in a hotel as a family. You need more room and have to make sure everyone is catered for. This room reminded me how important it is to stay true to your style. Classy interiors never go out of fashion which is a fact. Luxurious materials and custom designed furniture pieces will always make sure that your décor will stand out. That's why it's worth investing in good quality furniture pieces, especially if you know you will love them forever.

Do you use hotels for sleeping or for pampering? I guess we do both but it's definitely more about the pampering these days especially if it's a short stay. Pretty interiors of course are a bonus too!

For more information visit www.thebathpriory.co.uk



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