Tuesday, 26 April 2016


I know most of you turn to pinterest these days when looking for a bit of interior inspiration but it's nice to go offline every now and then, am I right? I spend so much time looking at computer screens that there is nothing quite as nice as picking up a paper copy and browsing through the pages with a hot latte in my hand. I also happen to love the smell of books as weird as it sounds. Especially the 'fresh from the press' smell that new books have!

Here's few things that inspire me at the moment!


1. Interior Magazines

I simply love them all; Elle Décor, Living Etc, Beautiful Homes and especially Real Homes Magazine which gives you realistic and affordable design ideas. I keep my magazines well organised in my Laura Ashley rattan basket and browse through them whenever I get a few minutes for myself. I often cut out my favourite images and put them in my inspiration folder.

This month I am actually loving the garden style from the H&M magazine. I love all the patterns out at the moment and patterns and texture are going to play an important role for me when I'll be decorating our outdoor living area.

2. Books

I have quite a few favourites but I keep going back to Vintage Remix by Kishani Perrera. I might do a separate book review soon but basically it's the perfect book for a vintage loving minimalist like me. I love how she encourages you to bring your personality to your décor which is something I often struggle with.

3. TV

There is so much interior inspiration on TV at the moment it's unbelievable. I'm not even talking about shows like the Great Interior Design Challenge or Grand Designs (although I do watch both). Watching the Cowboy Builders is my guilty pleasure actually. Dominic Littlewood  is so brilliant and if he is ever looking for an assistant I'd happily volunteer!

There are few TV shows that my husband and I are pretty addicted to at the moment. Is anyone else watching the Affair? I'm enjoying all the drama in the second series almost as much as the décor of the beach house which is located in the most ideal and romantic location you could ever imagine. It reminded me of the Hamptons. I've definitely seen some West Elm cushion covers featured there! I love the relaxed look and how everything looks so pristine most of the time (unlike in real life). Another show that gives me serious interior envy is Suits! I'm looking forward to season 3 and I'm just loving Mike's and Rachel's apartment. Of course Harvey's penthouse is pretty impeccable too. Not to mention all the art work and styling. Perfection is the word that comes to my mind. Of course it's just TV but it's always nice to fantasise.

4. Friends houses

I definitely get stuck in my ways when it comes to decorating. It's so refreshing to go to someone else's house and see what they've done and maybe even take few ideas with me. Even if the décor is not exactly my taste, I do appreciate different styles and admire people who take risks. I tend to play it pretty safe so going to a house that is totally out of my comfort zone is quite a liberating experience actually.

5. Instagram

There are so many fabulous accounts to follow but at the moment Style Me Pretty Living, Fashionable Hostess and Good Living is Glam are my favourites. I seem to prefer a softer, feminine look these days and Instagram is providing me a daily dose of glamorous living in a such an easy to access way.

Where do you get inspiration from? If there's any accounts on Instagram worth following I'd love to know! You can follow me here.

*Some of the items in this post have been gifted to me.


  1. I draw so much inspiration from Pinterest, it's probably my number one resource for interiors inspo. Love the photography in this post :) xx

    Victoria // www.apartmentnumber4.com

    1. Thank you for your comment Victoria! I think pinterest is the place to go these days.. Love your blog by the way! Very inspirational :)



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