Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Decorating for Easter is always exciting as it means it is time to bring out the  spring/summer accessories! This year I have made minimal effort in transforming our house into Easter mode because I simply have too much going on with our garden landscaping and building works. Sometimes few simple accessories are enough, don't you think?

Yellow is the ultimate colour for Easter and I do love a nice bouquet of yellow tulips in the house. They really brighten up my day and make me miss those long summer days when you just sit outside sipping a nice cocktail. I do wish the weather was a bit warmer here but fingers crossed it will improve! A fishbowl vase goes particularly well with tulips I think. The funny thing is I was trying to create one large bouquet and use tulips and pussy willows but in the end I decided that less is more. Also, tulips are a bit tricky in the way that you could spend hours arranging them perfectly, but they always end up looking a bit messy so I've decided that messy is good!

Our porcelain Easter bunny was a recent bargain find in TK Maxx and I absolutely love it. It's so nice that I am considering leaving it on display all year round. I love the gold detailing and it is probably the most stylish Easter bunny I have ever seen.

It's always a bit risky when you place sweets on the window sill, especially with kids in the house, but to be honest it's not much safer with the adults either! I like to use special occasion glasses for sweets/desserts as they hardly get any use. These glasses were a second hand purchase but they really are one of my favourites. The Marble Tray is from West Elm.

This Villeroy & Boch wine glass is too big for the purpose of drinking wine and it's not really practical. You could literally pour the whole bottle in it! However, oversized wine glasses make great accessories whether it's putting potpourri, flowers or even making a gorgeous wine glass terrarium out of them!

Since yellow is such a perfect colour for Easter, I decided it was time to bring out our spring/summer cushions (last season but similar one here)  to add a bit of colour to our neutral décor. I love the chevron pattern and I am planning on introducing more patterns to our house to brighten things up a bit. I am particularly loving all the ethnic prints out at the moment and can't wait to add a few pieces to our home.

Of course Easter wouldn't be the same without Easter Crackers! They are a big hit in our house and these cute ones are from Sainsbury's. I also wanted to get some pussy willows for the house. I think it's more of a Nordic tradition to make decorations out of them for Easter but personally I like to use them all year round. They are great for decorations and most importantly last ages.

If you haven't decided yet what you'll be making for dinner this Easter (I haven't either!) check out 65 Easter Dinner Recepies. The Italian Easter Pie sounds particularly delicious. I am not necessarily a fan of traditional dishes and I usually like to put my own twist on them. But, you can't go wrong with a nice selection of canapé and some bubbly to start with. It's always a winner and really makes the celebration feel special.

Happy Easter!



  1. Simply, adorable Easter decorations! Got impressed truly. Thanks for sharing these pictures here. My sister hosted a DIY Easter party this year. She organized an event at one of popular local venues Chicago. We all enjoyed a lot.

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to host (or attend!) a DIY Easter party. I bet it was a lot of fun and worth all the hard work in the end! X


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