Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Valentine's Day is approaching and I do feel like I want to make a bit of effort without going all out this year. Does anyone actually bother going out on Valentine's Day anymore? For the past (I can't remember how many) years we have always had our own little celebration at home. I hate the way restaurants have set menu's on the day and you always end up feeling rushed.

I still like to make a bit of an effort even though we will be 'lounging' at home. I have been looking for a nice little tray for two for a while now to serve drinks/snacks. I love using trays. Whether it's for breakfast in bed, entertaining or just when you're having a quite drink on Friday night. They just seem to have a real sense of occasion about them and instantly bring a bit of glamour to your evening. I don't think we have that many trays (maybe 5 or 6) but my husband always seems to think we don't need another one. Men, eh?! I really needed a smaller one though to use when it's just two us. Luckily, I found the perfect tray that is suitable for Valentines's Day. If you are thinking I have gone all soppy and bought a heart shaped tray think again! I decided to go for something quite glamorous and elegant (look that I am loving at the moment).

Here she is. The Brass and Mirror Tray from Laura Ashley. I saw it in sales just after Christmas and it was love at first sight. Luckily Laura Ashley are still carrying this tray and it's currently on sale! It's timeless, elegant and chic. It's a great addition to our contemporary décor as it mixes things up a bit and makes the room look stylish.

I have to admit, it does feel a little fragile. I wouldn't necessarily overload it but it's fine for carrying several glasses. The base is mirrored so I prefer to use coasters on it to avoid any scratches. You could fit 6 coasters on the tray which makes it great for entertaining a small group of people as well. The great thing about this tray is that because it's so pretty, you really want to leave it on display as well. When I am not using it, it sits on top of our wine glass cabinet. The flutes (below) are by Riedel.

We tend to use our lounge a lot more these days. The Habitat side tables have been brilliant. They are big enough to carry a small tray and my children use them during the day when eating their lunch/snacks. They are super easy to clean as well and are very sturdy.

It wouldn't really feel like Valentine's day without roses, right? I know that red roses are a more traditional choice but it's nice to go for pink for a change. I was actually hoping to find pale pink roses but I had to settle for a more vibrant shade of pink this time. I don't really mind. I picked up the striped vase for 2 pounds in a our local charity shop. I really love it as it's quite feminine and pretty. This flower arrangement actually reminds me of my old bridal bouquet a little bit.

Of course Valentine's day wouldn't be complete without the perfect scented candle. Even though I have tried many brands, I keep going back to Jo Malone. I have a confession to make. I have gone off my signature scent Pomegranate Noir. Shocking, I know. Luckily, I think I may have found my new favourite Jo Malone scent. The Peony & Blush Suede candle smells amazing. Think of a fresh bouquet of flowers. Even though it's a subtle scent, it definitely fills the room. It goes very well with the Mimosa & Cardamom candle as the two scents really complement each other.

So what's on your Valentine's menu? We always end up getting take away dim sum as I feel this is the one day of the year I don't want to be cooking. I do like to make my own desserts though. Home made tiramisu is always a great choice or macarons. I have replaced chocolate with macarons in the last few years and I also got a macaroon making kit for Christmas which I am dying to try out. Champagne is not supposed to be ideal with macarons but I like it. Almond macarons taste particularly delicious with a nice vintage bottle of sparkling wine. I know most people will go for pink champagne but I prefer the regular one. You can always add some crème de cassis or Chambord to make it a pink cocktail I suppose.

Hope you'll have a good Valentine's day whether it's dining out or watching a movie at home. Cheers!

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