Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Ever since we got our kitchen renovated this year, I've been enjoying accessorising it. In fact, accessorising the house is what I love doing most. Everything is colour co-ordinated mainly in black, white and grey. Although, I have also added hint of gold (my new favourite colour) in the form of tea light holders.

I like to get containers to keep my coffee, tea and sugar fresh. In the past, all of our jars have been ceramic but I have recently started to think this material is not for us. At least, when you combine it with cold, hard quartz worktops. We have broken two sets in the last two years and the same thing happened again last week. I have fixed small chips with a black marker but our latest 'accident' was not fixable. I don't know if it's to do with the material or just the quality (they were from Argos) but I started to look for more durable ones. Also, part of me is very pleased that it was the coffee container that got damaged and not our quartz worktop. Quartz is a very durable material but chips can happen and they are much more expensive to fix than replacing a mug or a jar.

I love the way ceramic containers look but stainless steel certainly seems like a more durable option. Although, with stainless steel the problem is possible dents rather than chips. You can never win, can you? My previous storage jars were black but this time around I decided to look for white glossy ones. White will stand out much more from the black worktop and it will also brighten things up a bit.

I have always loved chalkboard in home decor and while browsing through Pinterest I saw some nice containers with chalkboard labels. Chalkboard labels are fun and look contemporary but most importantly will fit in very well with the rest our black and white decor. We also have a large chalkboard in our dining room (you can read my older post here) which is still being used daily.

I managed to find my 'dream' containers on a website called Crate and Barrel  but unfortunately they are ceramic as well. I love the look but with the tax and shipping it is just too much to spend on something that might get damaged again. So, I thought perhaps this is something I can 'fashion' myself and continued my search online for very basic stainless steel containers.

And, luckily I found  them! I found the perfect ones from Morphy Richards. They are now on sale for almost 50% off at Brand Interiors! If only I would have waited a few more weeks but that's just my luck.. I love the design and the material, steel. They look very stylish and modern at the same time. I decided to get the larger ones (they come in small as well) as I am a total coffee addict and hate filling up the container more than once  a week. I ordered them from Only Electricals and I was a little worried about buying them online but when they arrived I was thrilled. They are much better quality than my old ones and finally a container that has a proper vacuum closure to keep my coffee fresh!

Here they are!

Morphy Richards Accents containers come in vast selection of colours and they have other accessories to match this range as well. The containers come with a small Morphy Richard logo, which I wasn't crazy about, so I decided to hide it with the chalkboard labels. They don't actually say coffee/tea/sugar on them which is fine as the lids are see-through so you can see what's in them.  The only downside is that you do leave finger prints on the lids quite easily but I just love the design so much that I don't mind.

By the way, I used a chalkboard pen to write the text on the labels. I found that chalk wipes off too easy when you touch it. I got the labels from Amazon (see the exact ones here). The labels are removable, so you can wash the jar, and the chalk wipes off with water.

I cannot believe how much they match our white gloss kitchen cabinets from Magnet. They look like they are part of the same collection! I haven't purchased anything from this brand before but I am seriously considering matching more items. If only we had more worktop space available..

If you want to buy your chalkboard jars ready-made have a look at Rockett st George (which is by the way my new favourite online shop!) or Argos for a more wallet friendly option. I personally think it's much more fun to use your own imagination and create the jar with the label you want yourself. You can even create a whole collection for flour, pasta and other cooking ingredients which can look fantastic in a kitchen with open shelving.

We seem to be more accident-prone these days. I cannot even blame my daughter for this one. Perhaps it is due to the cold and miserable weather over here.. Although, I am enjoying lighting up my candles in the evenings. Christmas candle review is coming up soon on the blog!

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