Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Halloween is not as big in the UK as it is in the States but every year shops are bringing out more and more Halloween decorations. I find that most of these are aimed at kids so I thought it would be nice to come up with a bit more grown up look for our house this year.

I feel lucky that we have gone for the monochrome theme in our house as black and white are a great backdrop for Halloween decorations. I have to say, I am absolutely loving the colour orange at the moment. Not only is orange the ultimate Halloween colour, but it is also perfect for autumn decorations. I actually feel that our Halloween decor is this year very much inspired by the beautiful autumn colours; mainly brown, orange, beige and maple.

Another colour that has made it's way to my favourites list is gold. Previously, most of our home accessories have been silver/chrome but I am loving the mix of black and gold at the moment. They look very stylish together!

Even though the best place to get Halloween decorations is the supermarket, I also like doing a bit of DIY myself. These are all very easy and quick to make. I wanted to make traditional Halloween decorations sparkly and glamorous so I bought plenty of glitter and started glamming things up!


This is the first year I bought some miniature pumpkins for the house. I am not really into pumpkin carving myself. I leave that to my husband. But, I am loving the mini versions! One of my favourite decorations this year are the sparkly pumpkins! All you need it all purpose glue (washable preferably), spatula and lots of gold glitter (I also taped the stump to avoid getting glitter on it). They are supposed to last a bit longer too once they are coated. Love them!

The tray here is a vintage Backman tray from 1966

Tea lights and the tea light holder are from Waitrose.

I used the Iittala 'Aalto' Stainless Steel serving tray for this setting. The stainless steel looks astonishingly good with orange and gold. The Chilewich placemats also compliment the tray nicely. I used some old potpourri, natural pine cones covered in gold glitter, some leaves from our garden and Iittala 'Kivi' tea light holder.

The cones are very easy to make. All you need is clear glue and gold glitter. Spray painting them is also a good option.



I bought plain plastic spiders and then just gave them a 'sparkly' make over. I used all purpose glue and some glitter. They are very easy although a bit messy to make...


Is anyone else addicted to Gu desserts? Any empty glass jar will do to be honest but we just had so many of these lying around the house. Initially, I was going to spray paint them orange but then I liked the clear look and just added a pretty ribbon. The ribbon is actually more yellow than orange but it will have to do. These glass jars also make great tea light holders. It doesn't really get much cheaper than that!

There are some really stunning home accessories out there that are well suited for Halloween such as skull cushion from Dwell or silver skull from Argos. We usually get a real pumpkin as well but I think I will invest in some plastic ones this year.

I am also seriously considering adding some orange items for our house now. I've been trying to introduce more colour to our monochrome theme and the Kelly Hoppen range has some stunning vases in orange in different shapes and textures at the moment. I have my eye on this particular one that has a lovely texture about it (see link here). I find that orange goes with black and white incredibly well and that it can lift the mood of virtually any room.

There is still a week to go but our house is looking pretty much ready for the Halloween celebrations. We will be having pumpkin pasta and some delicious miniature ice cream cones topped with popping candy. It really doesn't get better than that, right?

Happy Halloween to everyone!


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