Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter!

For the first time ever I decided to put some Easter decorations up :)

I think this will become the norm when you have kids but it is nice to find joy in the simple things in life and I also feel Easter highlights the height of spring time.

Yellow tulips are the ultimate Easter flower for me. They seem to be in season at the moment here and very easy to find in most shops. Considering that our house is mainly black, white and grey, they bring lovely colour and freshness to the room. Making it feel very summery.

The flower vase is originally a wine bucket. I love how versatile it is!

We've hidden chocolate eggs around the house and have an Easter egg hunt (tradition here in the UK). Unfortunately, grown ups seem to have found most of the chocolate eggs although it's only Good Friday! Oh well, you are supposed to over indulge over Easter anyway ;)

At the moment most of the decorations are limited to our dining room and living room but hopefully we will collect more every year. The good thing is that they are quite high up so our toddler cannot reach them..yet!

I cannot wait to do our own decorations once our daughter is a bit older. There are so many 'make your own' kits here in the shops to choose from and it's fun and makes you feel creative. I bought plenty of yellow shredded tissue to fill our pots and cups as well as some Easter crackers (another English tradition).

This is what I made this Morning and it made me feel like a big kid again :)

I do miss some Finnish traditions though, such as 'rairuoho' which I believe in English is rye grass. In Finland everyone grows their own well before Easter and then puts little decorations in there. I haven't  found rye grass in the UK although if you go to the Easter fair in the Finnish Church in Rotherhithe they should sell it (maybe some garden shops do too).

I also love the tradition of boiling and colouring eggs (real eggs!) which I remember doing at my grandparents house when I was little. I also miss the Finnish Fazer Mignon chocolate eggs which are the best chocolate eggs without a doubt! Ok, we do have some nice Swiss ones here too my favourite one being the Lindth Gold Bunny (See picture below)

I forgot the most important ingredient of Easter; pussy willow! They are a big part of tradition in Finland too and I will have to get some tomorrow. They are so pretty with flowers or just on their own, I think they are available in the UK all year round which is great news.

In the years to come I am hoping to combine both Finnish and English Easter traditions together and make it bigger every year. It's definitely a fun time for both kids and adults but most importantly it means quality time with the family. Now, counting the days for the summer...


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