Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Finally our kitchen remodel has started (one week later than expected because the builders previous job got delayed). Our kitchen had arrived on time though and for a week it had been sitting in our conservatory ready to be installed. We were lucky we had this extra space as I don't know where we would have put it otherwise.

We decided to use Magnet recommended fitters, called Aspirations M J Ltd, to make everything as stress free as possible for us. I wanted someone who is recommended by a reputable company and also if there are any issues they can talk to Magnet directly.

The fitters certainly have the work cut out for them. Our kitchen remodel entails:

- Removing old kitchen cabinets and wall tiles and fitting the new kitchen
- Taking down existing ceiling and re-boarding it with plasterboard
- Skimming and painting the walls
- Removing old waste and running a new one outside the property
- Installing new lights
- Required electrical work
- New laminate flooring (we are using our usual floor guy for this, not the Magnet fitters)

This is how the kitchen looked after day 1:

Old ceiling

The fitters told me that in the history of 25 years they have been in business, they come across a kitchen as bad as ours about 5 times a year. So we are in top 5 of worst kitchens?! Should I be honoured or offended? :D  Well, one thing is for sure, it can only improve from here!

Here's a few problems the fitters found:

- Kitchen electrics are sub-standard and a new ring circuit is required
- Need to replace hot and cold pipes
- Plastering the walls
- Removing old gas pipework
- Need to level the concrete floor

After Day 3:

Old ceiling is taken off and new beams are put in for the new ceiling

After Day 4:

New ceiling and walls covered in blue grit before plastering

It is difficult to envision what the room will look like once ready but you can see an example draft in my previous post

Due to the fact that the fitters found these additional problems, we have ended up spending more than initially agreed. They always say you should set aside 20% buffer for contingency expenses and this certainly has been the case with any job we have done in this house.

On the positive side, the original brick work was still in great condition and I am a firm believer that houses these days are not made to the same standard as they used to be. 1930s houses were built either during or post war and they had to be strong in the case of any bombings. Now that's pretty impressive!

I am hoping there will be no further 'surprises' but I must say, I am getting very excited what the end result will look like!  It has not been easy living in the middle of dust and noise (not to mention without a kitchen!) but I am hoping it will all be worth it in the end.

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