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Our old dining room couldn't have been further from my contemporary taste. Not only was the carpet old and dirty, the back boiler in the middle of the room turned out to be the biggest challenge and the first thing we got rid of!

I was excited to transform this room and after the removal of the boiler and new Quickstep laminate flooring (installed by O'Brien Flooring) we were half way there.

We also installed spotlights and removed all the wall paper (all 3 layers of it!). The walls were painted using Dulux Timeless colour which is off white and we have used this same colour in every room downstairs. I am very pleased with the outcome!

The new paint and flooring really makes a difference. We wanted to make sure that there were no 'breaks' where the doors are so the flooring would flow throughout.
I was searching for the perfect cabinets for this room for over a year until I stumbled across a very obvious choice (so obvious, I hadn't even considered it!) and found them in good old Ikea. I loved their Stockholm range as soon as I saw it!

Cabinets: Ikea Stockholm range
Lighting: Ikea Stockholm cabinet lighting and Grundtal for glass door cabinet
Table and chairs: Harveys Furniture
Mirror: Argos (I think...)
Rug: Ikea Stockholm

I know the room looks very black and white but this has been the theme downstairs in every room so I thought it would keep the look consistent. Also, I love the contrast that black cabinets against white walls brings. It adds a bit of drama to the room!

The shelving on the left consists of two Stockholm book cases combined into one. My brother and father assembled these last year for us and they did a top job! You really wouldn't know they are from Ikea. I get loads of compliments on them!

My favourite part is that I can use them for my 'fancy' China. I collect Iittala Taika (means Magic in English) as well as Arabia and Iittala Teema range. This arrangement is ideal as our kitchen storage space is limited. Plus when you have nice tableware, why would you want to  hide it anyway?
Tableware: Iittala, Taika
Candles: TK Maxx

Tableware: Iittala Teema
Salt and pepper set: Alessi

Also, our glass-door cabinet is from the Ikea Stockholm range. I'm not sure if they've discontinued it as I couldn't locate it on their website...?! It used to come both in Black and Oak.It's perfect for storing wine glasses and is quite spacious.

We installed Grundtal lighting inside it which looks fantastic in the evening. I am very positively surprised how well built and sturdy these cabinets are. They are the only Ikea furniture in our house but they are definitely good value for money!

Cabinet: Ikea Stockholm
Wine bucket: Dom Perignon

Cabinet lighting creates nice ambiance in the evening.

I love that I can store cook books and occasional kitchenware in the bookshelves. Our kitchen is not big so I like to use our dining room as an extension to it. I bought boxes from Ikea to store items I don't use regularly  and I think they look great!

Tableware: Iittala Taika
Art prints: Ikea Chelsea Collection
Boxes: Ikea

Pepper Mill/Grinder: Iittala Collective Tools
Tray: Vintage Backman Teak Tray (1966)
Box: Ikea

I do need to buy more wall art as the walls in our dining room look still pretty bare. My latest purchases have been two figurative art prints from Raft Furniture, by artist Bella Pieroni. Raft is definitely one of my favourite furniture shops here in the UK. They have a great selection of contemporary accessories and furniture.

Art print from www.raftfurniture.co.uk

Even though, the dining room has come along way it's still not finished. I need to buy more wall art and find a good place for a clock. Also, once we build our new extension, I might consider moving the kitchen table and chairs there and use the dining room as a second living room. We'll have to wait and see...


Since my husband hates going to Ikea (I actually quite like it!), I decided to use an online company to purchase and deliver the goods. Their turnaround time was very quick (1-2 days), and the best part is you don't pay until they show up on your door step! Wonderful! Their website is: www.pickdropgo.co.uk

PS. You can also find my monochrome dining room featured on Top Reveal - 21 Daring Dining Room Ideas !

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  1. Oh My God. I love what you have done with the room. It looks so elegant and classy that it totally inspires me to make my place such a heaven you are living in.


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