Wednesday, 26 February 2014


It's challenging sometimes to find stylish kids furniture that goes with the rest of our decor, but I'm sure every parent would agree that children need a large toy box.

I wanted something neutral that doesn't look like a toy box (but more like a side table). The table we got in the end is actually a blanket box (it's part of a bedroom furniture set) from the Paul Simon Plaza Range. We have the same in walnut colour in our bedrooms and the white one seemed to fit the bill.

When I first got it I thought it looked too white on it's own but by placing a tray and a plant on it, it seems to have toned it down a bit. The problem with a toy box is that we keep opening it a lot so that's why I chose to put a tray rather than a table runner on it. The tray is very easy to lift when I need to open the toy box and also quite heavy as it's made of gun metal, and therefore too heavy for our toddler to lift! Unfortunately, this is not the case with the coasters and magazines... She seems to think they are her new toys!

Tray: Chilewich Manhattan Tray
Placemat: Chilewich Basketweave White/Black Rectangular Placemat
Candle Holder: Iittala, Aalto
Coasters: Dwell (very old...)

This box fits so many toys!

I was contemplating whether to add a lamp or plant next to the tray... I'm still not 100% sure but I came to the conclusion that most likely our little rascal will be able to do less damage to the plant than the lamp... By the way, this plant is the only one that I have managed to keep alive for years. I remember to water it maybe once a month, if that, and I've had it for 5 years... I think it's some type of palm tree (could be wrong) and I purchased it from M&S years ago.


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